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I can't believe you consider this coworker of yours to be a friend. I seriously hope you're just kidding...

She's having 3 affairs with men that you work with?? That's INSANE!! And then she started going after your boyfriend! Oh wow. This lady needs a swift kick in the butt - what the hell does she think she's doing?

Goodness, my adrenaline's pumping - I'm SO furious at this woman!

But on a lighter note (:)), I'm very very proud of you for letting him go. If he wanted to be with you he would have put forth a little more effort. He's not worth it...he doesn't deserve you! And if I were you I'd give this "girlfriend" of yours the cold shoulder...or (since you work with her)...just keep it strictly on a professional level. Period. No exeptions. :)

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