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Maybe he is truly busy and spending as much time as he can in the week he has available with his children.

On the other hand, whether you meet someone on the net or at a bar, party etc etc, anybody can lie and string you along. He could be stringing along any number of women online as that is far easier to do than if he had to accomplish that in real life. There are guys online who see it as a game and like the "newness" of a net relationship and the "high" it gives them and then move on leaving women hanging.

What i'd do is wait until he is back home in Africa and see how he treats you. If you suddenly spring your feelings regarding him, he might just turn around and accuse you of being insecure. I'm certain he could at least buy a phone card to use in a public phone to make at least one call per day or every second day if he feels so strongly about you. Then again, sometimes guys don't think the way us females do.

Has he mentioned what his intentions towards you are? Do you know where you stand? or will it just continue as a net relationship indefinately? Even though it's a long distance relationship, you do want some ground rules, goals and time frames in which you want certain things to happen. If he can't offer you what you want in a reasonable time frame then i'd be moving on as it will lead to a greater heart ache. I wish you all the best as nobody deserves to be in the dark.

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