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OK Goody and everyone, here is some of my recent happenings.
Please, help me figure this out. It's LONG and there is more,
but my time is limited. At least I can get it started and will add
more later.

What a story to tell. Life with my son and my husbands children were going very well 6 months ago. Till the day my son got his license and his father bought him a new car.

My life has been turned up side down. Two Issues going on at the same time.
My son falling in love and his school grades/attitude/partying all that teenage stuff.
My son’s father (ex-husband of 16 years) is Very Much part of his life – I call him Mr. Moneybags because he spoils our son, will do anything for him but NO discipline and no concern about his future Education/College.

My son (16) and my step-daughter (15) had a very close Best-friend relationship for the past 2 years….Before that they were young and we didn’t see much of my step-daughter due to her mother keeping her away from her father. (Yes complicated)
Well, the friendship turned into LOVE….. Sticky situation…..
(for those who don’t know me on this board I have been with my husband going on 7 years and recently got married-3 weeks ago.

My husband and I were aware of the Close Bond these two kids had, we both spoke with them on numerous occasions on NOT having a relationship other then a friendship. There were times I wondered who liked who more. I would ask both of them separately and quietly if they like each other, if they liked others, why they didn’t date others, etc.
They continue to lie to me and my husband.

Ex-wife calls one night (5 months ago) and is “crying” that my SON & her Daughter are dating. That they are going behind our backs, they have lied, and IF my son slept with her daughter she would have to report him to DSS. I went ballistic on the woman for her claims. I grabbed my son out of a basketball game to confront him; he denied it as well as my step-daughter. I asked the ex-wife to take her daughter to the doctors and have her checked out – She said the daughter would not go. I told her if she didn’t I would since she is claiming these two slept together and the kids are dening it and she threaten me with going to DSS regarding my son. Battles went on for weeks that turned into months.

The kids continued to denied that there was anything going on, not that we believed them but we kept a close watch and continued to communicate with them regarding the situation. Then on my first week of my new job, my son calls me upset and needs to “talk” he’s ready to tell me. I leave work, meet my son and we drive around for hours talking about everything and He admits – that yes he and step-daughter are very much in love….BUT, they NEVER had sex. Step-daughter wanted to run away from her psycho mother, wanted MY son to take off to god knows where but so they could be together.
I told him absolutely NOT, he would be arrested. He agreed that he too didn’t want to run away. I broke my heart to see the pain my son was in, my 16 ½ years old “cool” son was crying, and you know how teenagers are – He was Never Going to Find this kind of LOVE again. In the meantime – the ex-wife was torturing me with her phone calls, accusations towards my son….My husband and I continued to work together (even though he too was very upset with my son and his daughter) in still trying to see his children who the ex-wife was using MY son to keep the children away from their father.
I have to end this right now. And continue this later. If anyone as any wisdom to this I would appreciate it. It’s been exhausting. My son is now living with his father, haven’t seen my new husbands children in over a month – ex-wife is keeping them away. Phone calls are not being returned.

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