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No, you're not wrong for wanting to spend time with your friend. However many days you want to spend with him is fine! It's your life and your choice. And it seems like your friend is more tolerant and easy to be around than your girlfriend.
She is much too possessive. There's no need to be rude to your friend. If a guy I was dating was rude to one of my friends, that would be the end of it! No way would I give up a friend for a guy... any guy who would ask that of me is not someone I want to be around. I think in this situation, you need to take control back. Tell her you feel she is being far too possessive. Explain that you do enjoy spending time with her and that your friend poses no threat to her or to the relationship. The real threat to the relationship is the way she is acting by not letting you do what you want to do. Tell her that if she can grow up and act civil around your friend that you'd love it if the three of you could hang out one day. But that you are still young and want to spend time with your ONE friend, and it's not too much to ask. The fact that she has no friends tells me her priorities are a mess. That's HER problem.
If she can't start giving you more freedom, things are going to get ugly. The fights are going to continue and you will resent each other more and more every day. She needs to get an idea of what a healthy relationship is like for an 18 and a 20 year old, because she has no clue right now.

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