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ok, I have a situation that maybe someone can help me to understand.

I am a 26 year old single male. Basically the situation is this...I know a girl who is about 22 years old and shes absoultely beautiful and on top of that a real sweetheart of a girl. The way I know her is that I work in a bank doing customer service and shes one of the customers that come in. I have actually known her for about four years but for no good reason I just never approached her for a date. I guess I was probably a bit intimidated because she was so pretty but finally I did ask her out and heres my story.

She came into the bank way back in the end of January. She was at my desk and we started talking,just kinda small talk at first like how you doing and how is school stuff like that. Then things got a bit more personal and I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she told me no. So then finally I asked her the big question of would she like to go out sometime? and she told me yes. Actually not just yes but her exact words were that she would love too. So I said ok,great but then she was kinda like that she didn't have alot of free time right now because this was on a Friday and she said that she had to work the entire weekend and then the following weekend she said that she was going on a skiing trip with a few friends. I know that could have easily just been her blowing me off but there was just something that seemed so honest about her answer and stuff and I did believe her so I was like ok, no problem. So I took one of my business cards and I wrote my cellphone number down on the back of it and I said ok,well how about we do this...Whenever you get some free time and you are ready to get together give me a call either at work or on the cellphone and we can set something up so she said ok sounds good,took my number and left.

6 days later I am at home one night and my cellphone rings,so i answer it and its her. So she starts out by apologizing to me saying how shes sorry that it took so long to get back to me but its just that shes been so busy and this is the first chance shes had to call me. I was totally ok with that because I was thinking well better late then never. So this is what she tells me...she says that shes taking that skiing trip this weekend and that shes not coming home until late on Sunday night and she said that she was going to call me back again next week when she comes home and then we will make some plans. The only reason why she even called me that night was just to say that she hasn't forgotton about me and she didn't want me to think that she did so she called me.(These were her words not mine). So once again I said ok,no problem, have a nice trip and I will look forward to speaking with you next week.

Now for the dilemma...Next week came and she never called. To cut a long story short almost three months passed and she never called. I know thats a very long time to wait but I was extremely busy at work during this time,working 12 hour days and stuff so I guess I didn't have alot of free time to concentrate on it all that much. Plus the fact that she used to come into my job so I also kept thinking that she would come in and that we would talk when she came in but that never happened either.

So eventually I said that I would really like to try to call her or something and find out what happened to her. So she never officially gave me her phone number and even though it was against my better judgement to do this...I had her cellphone number saved on my cellphone from the night that she called me. So I was a little nervous about calling but I was also very curious as to what happened. So first I tried sending her a text message and I got no response. 2 days later I called her,the phone just rang and I got her voicemail so I left her a message,again I gave her my number, and I said when you get this message please give me a call back. That was 2 months ago and still I haven't been called back. At this point I know its safe to say that shes not going to call,my only final hope is that we run into one another on the street someday and maybe if we talk we can straighten things out.

What I am curious about is why did she tell me yes to my face,call me back a week later to tell me yes again and then after all that just blow me off. I know shes ok and stuff because I know her father and I seen her father just about two weeks ago and I asked him how she was and he said that she was doing fine and that was all.

Does this sound weird to anybody else here besides me? Anybody have any ideas on what happened?

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