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Re: Office Dating
Oct 5, 2005
ok, little update. I found out she had found a boyfriend, and a while later she's complaining about being dumped. I also found out justby a little searching that she has a profile online at a popular "friends" type of site (not a specific dating site though I'm sure people have hooked up thru it). On this profile they allow you to write a blog so I've been reading some of her thoughts. I emailed her and she did add me to her "friends" list. A lot of her thoughts are dark and negative such as "please don't let me spend another birthday alone...again!"... I get the sense that she is very lonely and unhappy.

Well, I thought that might be a good way to be able to "chat" with her a bit outside of work environment...but now I do not understand why she seems very cold toward me? She answers some of my emails but she won't respond to an instant message/chat and usually never initiates the email. Wouldn't you think that a woman who is extremely lonely and alone would actually be happy that someone is showing an interest in her? If you had 2 options - be lonely or accept a new friend is it really a difficult choice?

Its getting me even more depressed than normal because even someone who is very lonely (and makes sure others at work know this) won't accept me. BTW, her birthday is this week. I wanted so badly to show her I am interested but I don't think she will respond.

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