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[QUOTE=Piranna65]Diva--- Hello!

Your first paragraph totally hit me in the face as if I was reading about my own boyfriend!! He is/was the same way when we started dating almost 2 years ago. A month didnt go by without at least 1 rose, payed for everything, was a real gentlemen, told me I was beautiful at least once a day. You know what I mean! Now going on two years a few of those spoiling bonuses have faded.

I dont get the flowers each month anymore. But he still carries things, opens doors and stuff like that for me. He tells me he loves me numerous times a day stll, as do I, we are engaged and he was really the one to think "marriage" before I did. He said he knew when he met me I'd be the woman he married (im turning 22 in a couple weeks myself, he'll be 23 in October).

Now getting onto you "wanting" to hurt him...My boyfriend and I dated twice before we were together for the solid 2 years we have behind us now. Both times were a year before we hooked up for the long term we have. And both times I was the one to leave him. The first time only lasted 2 weeks and he was crushed. Then i think me lacking attention or something asked if he'd like to try again about a month after that, and again only last a few weeks. I just had this gut feeling that I didnt and couldnt be with him at that time in my life. I was still aching for my ex, still talking to my ex, still wanting to be with my ex.

So I started treating him "bad" thinking that would get him to move on. I figured I didnt deserve him and that he should move on in his life without me since I knew I wasnt ready to date anyone. I wouldnt talk to him, I'd make comments that would show I had "aggression" towards him. I honestly dont remember everything I did to try and make him dislike me and move on but he still remembers it. But he held on for another year still coming around and calling and wanting to spend what time w/me he could.

His time paid off and we did hook up about a year later and have been strong since. But he does recall the times I was kinda bitchy to him wanting to direct him in other ways. I thought of it as helping him, still do actually.

And as for being hurt. Thats another reason why I didnt want to be with my current guy. I had been hurt by the ex I still wanted, didnt want to be hurt again and didnt want to hurt him. Thinking about it now the gut feelings were 1. for my ex and 2. knowing that if the oppertunity came i probably would have cheated or something. And I have never cheated in a relationship and am very proud of that. I wanted to be available incase the oppertunity came with my past....

It just took me time. I think having a guy you've been dating for 5months saying he'd kill himself isnt so bright. But love is love. and over time you end up just fine. And being more comfortable with each other then you already are. Has he talked to you about you being mean/rude to him. If so what does he say? What do you say? Do you apologize?[/QUOTE]

Awww...Your fiance sounds sweet :)

Honestly, I've never treated him bad once. I'd be "bitchy" to him a little bit, but it was just because I didn't want to deal with his clingy crap at the time and stuff. I didn't want to cuddle with him. I didn't want to even talk to him. The only thing I really do to piss him off, and I know it pisses him off, is talk about that guy alot. I don't know why I do. I AM completely over that guy now. Very much so. But I think I just talk about him to make my boyfriend get pissed off. And I also talk about when I get hit on and stuff at work or wherever. I don't know why. I think honestly that I'll need to break up with him eventually just to realize how much he really means to me. I wouldn't go and sleep with another man or anything. Or even start a relationship with one. I think I would just need that space.

Anyways, yes he does talk about me being rude to him sometimes. And half the time I don't have an answer for him. Because I just don't. Because I don't know why I say the stupid things I say. But I always apologize to him. One night I really crushed his self esteem and made him think that I would break up with him if a certain problem wasn't solved. But I vowed to never again hurt him as bad as I did that night. I never want to see him that badly hurt again. And I know I won't.

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