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Hello all that have been following the post about my boyfriend/fiances parents getting him into some financal debt with a couple of his credit cards. This is another "long" post so bare with..

I just got back from being on well deserved vacation with my guy and a group of friends. And it was a HUGE relief to get away from his mother and every other stress factor.

Well a little more has happened. His sister is having a baby. And she is actually early but they expect the baby by the middle of the up coming week.

Well I was at work yesterday my boyfriend called me and said "there's a 99% chance that my sister is having her baby today!!" (im gonna be in the room when it happens) so he asked if there was anyway someone could cover me so I could be there. I pulled some strings and was able to go about an hour or so later. I get up there and she's having contractions and stuff but to make this short, she didnt have the baby infact she went home! (still assume it'll be out by middle of the week though).

Well this upset me because It caused me to miss work and money that is much needed. He apologized and said he was sorry his mom gave him the wrong information. That's her drama queen image. It's reminding me how much I didnt miss this crap while I was gone. The night we got back my guys sister was already at the hospital so we went there this is at 3am after an 11hour layover getting home!

And even there she started bickering with my guys brother about him using the car and the cell phone (both of which arent hers to bicker about!)So my boyfriend made a comment and we left.

Now yesterday while "waiting" for this baby to pop out the debt factor came up. And she gets all emotional about "i wont wanna talk about this" And it started eating up my stomach again. I finally talked more with my guy about it.

Last night I told him I was having my doubts about his parents getting this paid off quickly. So far they have made 3 payments of 80.00 which is great but there is still another card being added next week.

He keeps telling me he's got in under control and they have to pay it. I reminded him its in his name and I can see them stopping because they were "shy-stee" enough not to tell him about it in the first place.

Well first he gets ticked at me for calling them "shy-stee" . Yeah i can see why, I should have used another word. Then he asked if I've talked to my mom about this (he asked me not to tell anyone). I told him I have and that I was sorry but this has been eating away at my stomach and I needed someone to vent too because i knew I couldnt talk to him about it the way I can vent to my own mother!

So then he's disapointed in me! I feel like im in a no win situation.

Earlier in the day I asked him "when do I get my ring I'd like it soon" (yeah i ring so its somewhat un-official right?). He gets upset, I have other things to pay for right now. I have a trip in august, Im going to this game in december, im doing this at that time. So that upset me...I want my ring a little while b4 we get married so I can show the thing off! So later on he asked if i was thinking of postponing the wedding date, I told him I might but dont want to because I wont be able to find another date open in summer at the place I want it at!

so we left on sour terms, but did talk a little bit later. He said he called to make sure I wasnt upset with him b4 he went to sleep. But when i asked if he was still upset with me he said he was disapointed still and will have to get over it. To me it's like he called so he could sleep but left me hanging, granted I had no problem falling asleep because i know what I said was true. And talking to my mom is what I had to do. I should have told him, but i figured he wouldnt get as upset as he did.

I think I need a perminant vacation to get away from this...
Snails, thank you for the heart felt words. I can totally see what your saying here.

More took place last night. I'll admit right away we had had a few drinks before our "argument" occured. It started by a local 4th of july function that takes place all weekend where I live. After it ended at 11 none of us were ready to just go home so we went to a buddies.

During the course of this my brother a friend of his (mutal to me and my guy) and his g/f were talking stopping by. I kept calling them to see where they were as they would call me. They ended up not showing up anyway. But the argument started because my boyfriend thought I was having "feelings" for this mutal friend of ours. I laughed I couldnt believe he'd think that. It is so far from the truth.

He kept going on about how he feels there is something there and this and that. He wouldnt drop it so it kinda hurt my feelings (yeah drunk and stupid).It got to the point where I said i'd like to go home if he was going to act this way and he just *waved* and said see-yah! My heart sank and I started to walk.

Granted he did catch up and want to talk I was intoxicated and now hurt. It took me a bit but we found a bench and "talked/yelled/got angry". During the course of this everything came out of me that I have had built up in me. Basically everything I've talked about in these threads.

I told him about the ring and wanting it to be offical because I felt like a fool when people ask me to see a ring and I kinda look away because I dont have one. He got upset and mad and said we can be engaged and tell people we are engaged without there being a ring. I think he said something about me needing a material thing or something like that.

Then he went on to say forget it, dont marry me then I dont want you too, not if your upset with my family and me and this and that. So there I get hurt even more. He said that I need to let him handle it and be the one to worry and make sure things get taken care of. And I told him I dont know how it doesnt stress him out and if it does he doesnt show it thats for darn sure.

His mom was the one who was suppose to be picking us up since we had drank and they yet again had his vechical so he told his mom the trade off was she picks us up if we get a ride to town and drink out there. So sure enough when the time came she tried to pawn us off onto someone else. In the end she did end up coming and getting us.

But everything I had to say came out and vise versa. He didnt have much to vent about just that he thinks i need to relax and all this other crap. We woke up fine this morning and didnt really talk about last night.

I am happy when Im just with him. But when we're around his parents I get all tense inside. I see why you have such relief snails. My guy is great and I love him I dont want to leave him but if things dont change then I dont know what will happen...

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