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It seems like the issue here is not really your girlfriend moving in with you.

I think the big picture here is that you have made it so that she is the only thing in your life. You live alone--you could live with roommates or friends or your parents. You don't have any friends--there's nothing stopping you from meeting people. You're jealous that she has family and friends. It sounds like you want control of her life--you want her away from her parents and family and friends and focusing on you 100%.

Like other posters have said, there is a lot that a girl deals with when moving in with a guy before marriage. Her family may think it's not appropriate, a lot of society in general looks down on a girl "shacking up" with her bf, while the guy is not really held accountable.

If you are wanting to be "sharing your life with her 100% of the way," why not marry her? Isn't that the definition of marriage, not cohabitation?

There is obviously more than meets the eye with your relationship, a bad history perhaps, I haven't read previous posts of yours. But by the fact that only four months into a relationship you were already pushing her to move in with you and that you have not relented at all with this one girl, despite huge problems and your family not speaking to you over her, it seems like you have latched on to this girl and want to have ultimate control over her. What makes you think you wont' meet another girl, one who is foolish enough to move in with you after only a couple of months and will give up everything in her life for you? There are plenty of them out there.

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