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[QUOTE=SophiaM] The fine line is in the underlying reason why they're not expressing their emotions: Is it because thye don't throw big words around easily, but can't wait to tell us when they feel comfortable, or is it because they don't actually have these feelings towards us? :)[/QUOTE]

I think there's no real way to tell what the reason is. Many times, men don't want to verbally express their feelings because they are afraid of what it will mean if they do. For instance, a guy might not want to tell a girl just how much he likes her out of the fear that she will start expecting more from him. Maybe he's not ready to give more... maybe he's too lazy. Who knows. But a lot of men are scared in the same way we women are! Some just don't want to express their feelings because they're scared of scaring US away!! They can be just as insecure as we can. The last guy I dated never told me he loved me and we were together for a year. The first guy I ever dated told me after a month. And Nick, my current boyfriend, told me after 3 days. They are ALL DIFFERENT.
Sophia and Stacy... my girls... take things day by day and let the joys of your new relationships just wash over you! Don't create roadblocks for yourself. If things are smooth sailing, enjoy the ride! From everything I have read, your guys are VERY much into you!!! It's totally natural to get scared from time to time, because it's clear that you want to hang on to what you've got. That just shows how deep your feelings are. I don't know if you guys remember me posting a while back about how down right petrified I was regarding Nick. I realized it meant I was in love for real. Because I know I'd experience the ultimate misery of heartbreak without him (and my heart would never fully recover and be the same it was before). I think you guys are just feeling the same exact fear. And that's why you're overanalyzing these situations. Fact is, we can't read men's minds. You'll never REALLY know what he's thinking unless he tells you (and it's got to be on his own terms so he is completely comfortable). Once you stop trying to figure out something that's impossible to figure out, you will be more at ease which will put THEM more at ease... which will probably create an atmosphere in which they can open up about their true feelings.
All 3 of us are scared right now. Hey, like I said... that's how we know just how much they mean to us, right? How's about just sitting back and enjoying the ride and coming to the not-so-startling realization that we are AMAZING WOMEN and these men are LUCKY to have our affection!!

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