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[QUOTE=pbryson22] It seems to me that people are extremely picky online but more open minded in real life. Because they have so many choises, they probably think that with all that selection on hand, they can afford to be picky. Question is if they will ever find anyone, being that way though. I am very discouraged and ready to give up. It seems to me that people probably just look for someone that looks and acts like their EX b/f/g/f or ex-wife/ex-husband and then look for him again with just a different name.[/QUOTE]

Hi, Pbryson :wave: Online dating is an entity unto itself. Basically for the most part these people, much like yourself, have a general idea of what they are looking for. Sometimes it may feel as if one is "cutting to the chase" so to speak ;) So if someone responds that you are not their type based upon a photo or profile that is in a sense saying thank you but no thank you. It may be to your advantage to respond in a playful way.

As many already know, I met my husband via a personal ad. I responded and asked him for a response in letter form. I did not respond back due to some of the things he disclosed in his letter that I had made false assumptions about. He wrote me again pleading with me not to allow an inch or two stand in the way of our meeting (he was 1/2 of an inch shorter than me ;) ) and also asked if he would have to stand in vigil by my PO Box in order to meet. :D His playfulness won me over and are still married 18 years later. :bouncing: Having some in-law problems but still going strong. ;)

So what I am trying to say is not to be too discouraged....if a girl seems like a good fit continue to pursue, it won't hurt. But remember, online dating is a big thing these days but not for everyone. But there are many who do seem to meet wonderful people via online dating.

There so happens to be a thread of woman who have been online dating with positive experiences. And I am sure that they would be happy to share their experiences with you.

Good luck....and I agree that changing your picture and revamping your profile every now & then may be to your advantage. ~ Goody :wave:

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