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Thank you for the responses.

Njoylife, I think you mis-read and havent been following my battle. His mom and step dad maxed out a couple of his credit cards without his knowledge. THEIR only vechial was repo'd, not my boyfriends. My boyfriend pays his own bills on time and doesnt have a problem w/money.

Goody, I do know my ex is a jerk and I shouldnt even have let a thought cross through my mind. I needed to hear just this, that he isnt worth it anyway.

As of now things will be called off. And will not be made official until there is a ring. I want our relationship to last. I've never been so comfortable with anyone before. This is the first guy I have really grown too.

Snails as you were saying about partners and what not. I actually have a low sex drive granted we dont go without im not one to be in a hurry to "get it on". His is much higher then mine, and that has caused small clashes in the past but nothing to cause a big stir, we have gotten around it. We have both had 2 other partners in our lives. Ive never really thought about having sexual relations with anyone else.

I want our relationship back to how it use to be, but all I can see is a huge brick wall right now. I want to get a place with him (i know things were good when he didnt live at home for the past year and i think in my mind if i get him out of there it will be better for the both of us). His mom came to him just the other day, she needed money to pay the electric bill or it would be shut off today (friday), my boyfriend didnt have any money, we just got back from our trip so we did a "check and cash" like thing for her. I know those things are like the devil but she "told" him she'd have it "payed" on time (i think you get two weeks).

It's never ending, I just want to break down and cry more and more lately. We were so happy together, we hardly every faught, things were great. Then he moves home, and his parents care is repo'd, easy solution for them because my guy has one, now he lives at home and they need money to keep the eletric problem he lives here again. :( I just want this to end!

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