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:rolleyes: Hey guys....

Im dont even know why Im considering this. And I do expect some mixed responses for sure. My head is confused and I feel sick just typing this.

Over a month or so ago I spoke to an ex of mine online (never by phone or in person). Usually it's a harmless convo. and it never lasts more then five minutes before one of us splits.

The last time I spoke to him we were talking about our recent 'engagements' he said he's engaged to an ex and she will be moving to his state to live with him in a few months. I play 'okay' with it because I have no right to say no you shouldnt I'd hate that that ect... The truth is this is the girl he was with before me, and went back to after me. And is the same girl he's been on again off again with since then.
During the duration of time he was with her, he and I were still hooking up. I did it because I wanted to be w/him and prove he wasnt pefect. He 'claims' he thought i wouldnt take him back (even to this day when i told him he's had his chances w/me he says this).

As most of you know I am un-offically engaged there is no ring, but there is dates set and stuff (though I am thinking of canceling things until we are back on track.)As is he...he said him and his ex are talking marriage, no ring but they have a date picked as well, no reservations made yet.

During the convo he was talking about marrying me (this isnt the first time, he sorta asked me a couple years ago and I told him he'd have to prove how serious he was, nothing came of it)But he went on to say that if things dont work for him and his g/f and me with my guy once we are married, and we end up divorced that he and I should get back together since we were always so good together.

He "jokenly" said things like "what if we called off our engagements and you and me got engaged and married!" I didnt agree with any of the comments, I more so thought he was crazy. He went on to talk about our past and how good we were together and he wouldnt even think twice about being w/me again if this girl cheated on him and all this other hocus pocus! This crazy talked lasted for about 2 hours. Him bringin up good times of our past and telling me how he screwed up and had a foot up his butt ect... :confused:

I know things didnt work with us the first time, more so because of him, he left me to be a party boy and be able to meet girls and not be tied down. Thats how it ended, yet we still hooked up for the next year or so.

You know things were going soooo good for me. Great guy (granted his family put us/him in a pit of debt) He moved home and their car was repozessed, now they are using him for everything. We have fought a few times over this the past week. My heart is breaking and I cant be happy and get married knowing this is happening.

I love him and when I think of him not in my life I think no way jose! But how do I know? What do I do? Why am I even thinking??

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