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How does he feel?
Jul 9, 2005
Sometime ago, I met a guy who told me his last relationship was quiet a while ago. I started to date him and eventually he moved in with me for a period of 5 months. He wanted to get married blah blah blah...His ex found out and started calling him, calling my house, driving past my house etc....

To cut a long story short he went back to her and then came back to me and then back to her.

He tells me that they have broken up 20 times. She keeps kicking him out.

I told him that his relationship with her wont last. I said that she only wants him back because he is with me. She even confirmed that this was her aim the time before. He says he feels like he is trapped because she is on antidepressants and wants to committ suicide.

He rang me the other day to say he was moving over East with her. I think it is because his girlfriend is very manipulative and he is very weak and easily manipulated. She wants him out of reach of me and his support group (his mother). So he left 2 days ago. He told me that I could always ring his mother. I said what for? He said so that you can ask how I am going etc. I said who are you? He said no need to be like that. I said well you are the one that's leaving.

Anyhow, I can almost gaurantee that he will be back within 1 - 3 months. He will come knocking on my door again.

I hope I have the ability to say to him "You had your chance, I am no longer available to you..."

I am an intellegent professional woman and I can't believe that I am attracted to someone so weak...

I guess it's just that I have this hope that maybe he will end it with her finally. Breaking up over 20 times does not say much for any relationship. But I do feel like a fool. I am trying to work out in my head, I guess, things like, why did he move in with me for 5 months, why did he want us to get married, why did he introduce me to his family? It is hard to come to grips with the fact he may have been taking me for a ride because of the above. He sends me a message to say "don't worry, I love you" and the next day he is back with her.

All these messages are so confusing.

I am so glad to be able to come here and talk because all my friends say is forget him he is no good so I don't say anything to them anymore.

I guess too a part of me wants to save face as I am an intellegent woman and can't even understand how I got myself into this predicument.

Thanks guys

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