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my current boyfriend is still in contact with an ex that cheated constantly. he told me he gave her up for me...doesnt bother me that he is in contact, it bothers me that he lied. lies. he also tells her that he will always lover her. he doesnt know that i know....i read the "sent" messages trying to find a phone number he had lost..and i found these messages. he is soooooo distant with me now ,,being pregnant, but he is getting really rediculous....another of his ex gfs. is one of his best friends and she is "perfect". she has no respect for her boyfriend now, flashing her chest to who ever wants to see. hitting on other men constantly, she thinks im crazy, because im not like her, so to my boyfriend im crazy,, i am allways in a race to prove my worth when it comes to them, you would think that because him and i are together and almost 8 months prego things would change a little. i still come 3rd. i dont think its fair that me and my child should be 3rd in his life because in line of order they came i crazy, is that fair? any ideas on things i can do? like hints....i dont know...i cant confront him he gets so mad...should i confront the ex that cheated? what if he finds out? what about his best friend, she cant be that perfect.... im lost.......thanks,,,,mandy.

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