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I too have been through something similiar. My guy started pulling away and not having as much time for me. he said he cared a great deal for me but with his kids life was just overwhelming for him.
Needless to say we ended up parting ways. With the help of Snails I realized that for him saying what he did he was being honest. I really think if your guy is telling you he is not sure he may not be ready for all of that. My ex had kids and I miss them dearly now. He and I were hoping I could become like an aunt figure to them but he has started dating someone and I have since cut off all contact from him because it is still too painful.

I think you need to be happy and I think if you explain the best you can to your daughter she will remember that he was just a friend. That is what my ex did. He only introduced people to his children that he felt would be in his life for a long time to come. I was one of the few that go to meet them.

I personally would have to start thinking about parting ways. I know its gonna hurt but its probably the best thing at this point.

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