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Taking a break?
Jul 22, 2005
i'm new to the board and i honestly just need some help. my gf, ex gf...i dont know what she is right now, recently decided she wanted a break. i dont understand what that means. this girl has been my absolute best friend for 3 years, we are very close...we have always kind of been dating, but not really, she had bfs and i never saw anyone, we were always just together. anyways, we finally decided to get together and be bf/gf. things were unbelievable. we loved each other from the start but it just got more intense, which i guess is what happens with relationships. the problem is, we r extremely different people. she loves to party and go out and drink, see bands etc. i don't, i can't drink, i have stomach issues which makes me unable. i guess i'm pretty boring, i work and then go to the gym or come home. she doesnt work but she goes to college. most nites she goes to see bands who she knows and drinks with her friends. i never want to come because i have to get up in the morning for work. so anyways, the other day she said we need a break. she wants no one else and wants to get back together, wants me to wait for her but she needs time off. she needs to go do her own thing. i never once stopped her from doing this btw. we are going to talk on wednesday and figure it out i guess. the thing can this happen? i mean she goes from being all over me and caring about me to wanting a break. i'm sick over this and can't sleep. i dont know what to do cause i honestly love this girl, we have talked about getting married and we still want to. she just likes to party. so all this means to me is that she wants to sleep with other guys. she swears it's not the reason but my paranoid brain thinks it is. advice? what's a break? also i might add, her friend since 1st grade just got out of a relationship and is always pressuring her to go out with her...could this mean anything?
Re: Taking a break?
Jul 23, 2005
[QUOTE=greeneyes100]I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out with your girlfriend, but from your first post, I think Snails advice is correct. She was trying to let you down easy. No one wants to be the bad guy, or the one that left the other heartbroken.

You both lead different lifestyles and that's why it won't work. She likes to party and probably is not ready for a serious relationship at this point.

You, on the other hand, like to work, go to the gym, and get a good night's sleep. Find a girl who fits in with your lifestyle, not vice versa.

For a relationship to really work, both people must have the same goals and a similar lifestyle.

Just try and move on as best you can. Learn from this experience and realize you have a lot to offer another girl. There are lots of pretty, intelligent women who enjoy the lifestyle such as yours and would be thrilled to have a man such as you, who takes good care of himself and is ambitious! :)[/QUOTE]
that's the problem. she goes to the gym everyday, she works her *** off when she has a job (which she does now as of thursday), is double majoring in bio and chem...extremely smart girl and right now i feel there is something wrong, it's more than her breaking up with me...i know her history, i know what she's like and what she has been through in the past. she has had some issues with my brother. not so much her not liking him and his gf...more or less him hating her. she has been labeled and knocked down her whole life and my brother did exactly that to her...ever since then she has been saying..."well i guess i'm just a drunk" as many times as i tell her she's not, she just got progressively worse....this isnt who she is and i'm sorry i know people think she is letting me down easy...but i can't lose her, there must be some way to fix this. she has said numerous times..."get your brother to apoligize and i'll get back together" and i dunno i just have to try it. i have never confronted my brother about it...i've always been too nervous but now i have to, i can't lose the love of my life completely. i dunno, maybe i'm doing the wrong thing...i've been in love before but nothing like this. maybe i should just try to seperate myself somehow, but i can't and something just feels so unresolved and i need to try and figure this out. you guys r probably right...but i can't give up.

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