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[QUOTE=vintagegirl]Today I saw my ex and within the span of several minutes he said several things that, after getting home and re-thinking, have just managed to make me mad. Can flirting sometimes just be cruel? It's like he gets off on seeing people/me eat it up. I broke up with him because he was a flirt, and not a harmless one either. He freely distributed his phone number, then said that the females were all friends. Today he said things like I should come over to pick some blueberries on his property, that he'd love to see me in my new bathing suit, that I should help him with some of his gardening.... I want to take him seriously, but in light of his track record, don't dare....and what bothers me the most is that I he has always made my heart race and I'm sure he sees that. This has happened in emails too...inuendo, but no follow through. I have responded in the past by suggesting a time to get together, and he will say that he doesn't know, he lives his life day by day, I back off, and then the whole thing will start all over again. So I don't feel that he is feeling me out...I know he CAN also be direct when making specific plans. I don't even know why I am analyzing this. Someone please slap me. Where's my He's Just Not That Into You book.[/QUOTE]

Sorry he is playing with you like this, but that's EXACTLY what he is doing. Don't buy into it. Cut off all contact with him and start seeing men who are really interested in you.

I don't know exactly why some men feel the need to play with a woman's heart; maybe it's the male ego. When they know they have you wrapped around their little finger, the don't want you anymore. Then, when they are not so sure or think you are losing interest, all of a sudden, they want you back. He sounds very immature and I would definitely not go back to him. This is a pattern he keeps repeating, not just a one time thing, am I correct?

Did you read the book "Why Men Love B******?" Go to the book store and look in the relationship section for books like these. Good luck!

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