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Hey Scotty, I'm really sorry to hear about your ribs...I can't imagine how much that hurts! But don't feel too bad about having a bit much to drink, it happens to all of us every once in awhile and is nothing to beat yourself up over. I think you're being smart to cut off contact with your ex and try to keep your distance at least for the time being. Gamecock, I'm also sorry that you're still having such a tough time. I do think you need to start being stricter with yourself and stop allowing yourself to dwell on your ex...if you don't knock yourself out of it, you could end up mourning this breakup indefinitely, and no one wants to see you go through anymore pain than absolutely necessary. I really think you should tell your friends to stop updating you on your ex and avoid contact with him...thinking about him so much and hearing about him regularly is only keeping this painful ordeal in the present for you and getting in the way of you moving on and feeling happy again. Dwelling on your ex is doing you no good whatsoever and actually seems to be doing quite a bit of harm, so I think you would really benefit from consciously making an effort to distract yourself rather than lingering on thoughts of your ex whenever he pops into your mind. I forced myself to avoid thinking about my ex as soon as he left, and it was one of the smartest things I definitely helped me move forward without spending any more time than necessary moping around thinking about the past and being miserable. Just like Scotty said, making a conscious and concerted effort to be optimistic and focus all my attention and energy on embracing the future and all the dating opportunities it had to offer paid off big time for me. I was able to do a lot of healing, have tons of fun dates, and meet a new boyfriend who is a better match for me than my ex...I'm happier than I ever imagined I'd be when the breakup was fresh, and I know that your stories will both have happy endings as well. :) I hope you are both feeling much better soon...hang in there! :wave:

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