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[QUOTE=h0ll0]I am in the middle of this great relationship with this 24 year old girl. Everything seems to be so perfect. We have talked about this and we both have very strong fellings for one another even though we have only been together for 5 months. Anyway she is getting ready to leave the country with two of her old college girl friends for a week vacation. I do not know these girls and will not get the chance to meet them before they all leave. All I know is that they like to party because that is what my girlfriend told me. My girlfriend has been very honost with me and I have no reason to not trust her. However I can not stop thinking about what might happen while she is on this trip. I really like this girl and do not want any "trust issuses" to come between us, but I just can not stop thinking about what might happen.

I know this may seem like I have major jealosy issuses but I just can not help these feelings. Does anyone have any advice?


You feel very close to your girlfriend and naturally are afraid you might lose her. I think it's pretty natural to be somewhat concerned that she is about to go on a trip with friends who like to party. But, as long as she has been honest with you so far, you have no reason to think anything will happen. If you do feel a little insecure and jealous, don't let her know. Act confident and tell her to have fun! I'm sure the short separation between the two of you will only enhance what you already have. She will probably be so happy to see you when she gets back.

Just try to get past your fears. Believe in yourself and believe in your girlfriend. You have no reason not to at this point. Good luck!

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