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[QUOTE=SophiaM]You are really too funny, Stacy, and once again, you remind me SO much of the female friend I have who lives abroad. People kill people for love....I just LOVE it :D :D Incidentally, my friend's current boyfriend dumped a woman he'd been with for nearly SEVEN years, because he was so crazy about my friend--and even though he had an idea she liked him too, he had NO guarantee whatsoever that she would in fact want to be with him. So, yes, you're right, some men are capable of dramatic actions in order to win the love of the woman they are captivated by.

Another thing I noticed is that even NG's best compliments to me were along the lines of "You're very pretty," or "You look nice," while my ex-ex tells me to this day "To me, you are the most beautiful woman in the world!" So, even just that small difference in expression means something, I think. Perhaps NG was really more lukewarm than hot for me, after all.[/QUOTE]

Nini, it makes me very happy that I was able to bring a smile to your face! I must admit I couldn't help chuckling with delight when I made the connection between the two elephants...and I sincerely apologize to elephants for putting them on the same level with those witches. And Nini, I'm worried that my long post on the other thread came out all wrong...I did not want to be dismissive or contrary of your ideas, which are every bit as valid and sincere, if not more, than mine. I really apologize if anything I said came across wrong...I meant to tell you about how unique and fascinating I've always found you, but I'm afraid I ended up coming off too harshly, so please accept my apologies?

Sophia, I really don't think this whole thing with NG was personal, the more I think about it...he honestly doesn't seem capable of being more than lukewarm about anyone at this point. I feel badly for him being so stymied, assuming he's been completely genuine all along--can you imagine being so confused you have trouble choosing between a gorgeous sophisticated classy woman like you and a desperate, conniving elephant stalker!?!? :eek: You were smart to get out what you did, and you managed to preserve your dignity and act with impeccable class as always. :) This is a perfect example of one of my favorite statements when it comes to the great women here and their lousy loser exes: it's his loss, and you were too good for him anyway!

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