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thank you for the feedback tiger.

You are right I should bring it up without worrying about it, but I dont want to upset my boyfriend. I dont know if he knows that his dad knows about the whole situation. Because I know he didnt bring it up with him while he was in town last. His dad is a smart guy and could probably offer tons of wonderful advice.

As for talking to his parents myself, even in a round about way, I dont think I could. Not only would I feel a bit out of place, even though I shouldnt, I'd feel as if I didnt belong giving my 2 cents. Anytime it has been brought up when I am around his mom says "please lets not talk about this now". I dont know if its because she might feel embarassed to speak of it infront of me, or she wants to avoid it all together whomever she is around.

You are right, I dont want the stress of them on my shoulders at all times. I truthfully never had problems with them until he moved back home and was told about the credit card debt.

I would like to get use to the fact that they are irresponsible, selfish, inconsiderate people. I would like to think that I wouldnt have to see them much once I am married. I would like to know that I dont have to be around them often at all because they a the reason behind most of my stress these days. I use to love staying at my boyfriends place, now that he's back home I dont even like to go inside.

He knows how I feel about it and I think he too is ashamed, but I think he is afraid to come out and tell his parents "what you did is wrong and it's affecting my life with my soon to be wife". He told his mom we were thinking of getting a house come december (I still wanna get him out of there married or not, it could help me feel better about some things)he told her he hopes he has some credit left when we go looking for a loan, she said she was sorry because she knew it was her fault. Well damn right its her fault, DUHHHH!!!

I never thought i'd come across someone like this in my life time....

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