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Re: Help Me Stop!
Aug 3, 2005
[QUOTE=summer05]I never thought about the married guy in this way until last week. Before we didn't even flirt with each other. I can't get away without losing my job. I am hoping that he regrets what happened and we can move on and continue where we were before?[/QUOTE]

Are you saying that you only slept together once (as we can see once is enough)???

You say that you feel strong about ending the affair now that he is away but fear not being strong when he returns. Well that's the way it is....when he's away it's so easy the real test is going to come when he returns.

You still have yet to answer some questions here. What is it that drove you to sleep with him in the first place??? You see, unless you can take a firm stand and tell yourself & him that this has to end without breaking down, then you are going to have a daily fight with yourself. You need to focus on getting what you need from your husband, not this coworker and if you can't then consider a divorce. To continue on with this affair with how tormented you feel is not going to be in anyone's best interest.

You say that you cannot leave your job....what about switching departments or said that you work the off shift perhaps it's time to look into something else such as a lateral transfer.

If you want to end this affair and save your marriage, you should be willing to move mountains in order to do so. To stand there and do nothing to preserve it is just, in my opinion, choosing to hurt your husband and your coworker's family. It's time to get off the fence and decide on which side you want to live.

~ Goody :wave:

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