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Re: Feeling sad
Aug 7, 2005
Stacy, I really appreciate having you as a good friend and advisor as well! I was also really glad that you posted your concerns about the blind date guy on my thread because they helped keep me grounded about the whole thing. I really did agree with all that you said, and now I am wondering if I should have even called him to begin with. I mean, I know that he has acted really interested in me since I have called him, but I guess I am just not a very trusting person and I wonder why (if he really does like me) he was so "wimpy" as to not call me to begin with. I know that I am being mean and I truly don't want to be. I guess I am just having a low self-esteem moment. Anyway, thank you for always being honest with me in what you are thinking---I really treasure that in a friend!!!

Also, I don't think I can answer your question about whether or not you jumped into a relationship with Justin too soon----I think that you are the only person that can truly decide that. That being said, you guys seem to really have a good thing going!! I think that because you are finally mourning the loss of Patrick, that is causing you to doubt yourself and your relationship with Justin. Like you said, try to stop feeling guilty and just keep moving forward with optimism and I really think that everything will work out!!

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