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Getting involved with someone who is not yours to have is never a smart idea, but it's not my place to judge you or lecture you or anything like that. Besides, you're in the situation you're in now, and there's nothing you can do to change the past. However, you should realize that this man is not being honest with you. You genuinely feel like he is the is the one you should be with, but he does not feel the same...otherwise he would stop making excuses and cut his GF loose. The fact that he did not do that from the moment you two became involved demonstrates that he's not interested in being with you, or probably any woman, exclusively. You and his GF both deserve so much can't change this man or make him feel or act any differently than he does. Even if he did a dramatic turn-around and wanted to be with you and only you, you'd still be in a position where you could never really trust him not to start up another relationship behind your back. This man is no good for you or anyone else, and if you want to be happy and find a love all your own, you are going to need to end things with him ASAP. It sounds like you already know this deep down, which is a very good thing, because making the resolve to leave him will be the most challenging and difficult part of moving on. The sooner you can realize how destructive this whole situation is for your self-worth and overall well-being, the happier and more stable your life will be. Remember that you deserve someone who will love and trust you just as much as you love and trust him...unfortunately, that's not something you can ever have with this man. You also deserve a man who you can have all to yourself without having to lie and hide your relationship. Please keep in mind all he pain and frustration this has caused you if you are ever tempted again to get involved with a man who is already involved with another's only setting yourself up for heartbreak, and you aren't going to be happy until you find the self-respect and confidence to demand a man who will treat you well and whom you won't have to worry about sharing with anyone else.

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