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Am I crazy?
Aug 4, 2005
On my previous relationship I was emotional abused by my boyfriend of 3 years. He called me names, he asked me not to talk or relate to friends, he almost hit me a couple of times, he lowered my self-esteem, and then he cheated on me. Two years ago I met someone else and I just got married (2 months). I trust him and he always treated me great. Right now, when my husband and I have arguments, he tries to turn the situation on me and says that I'm crazy. I think that the problem is with me... I have told my husband that I'm going to a psychologist and he thinks I am crazy!!! I love him very much and he tells me he wouldn't have married me if he didn't love me. I want our marriage to work, but I think the problems I had with my ex is affecting my marriage. AM I CRAZY??? Help!!! :confused:

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