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:wave: Goody, kitkat and a few others I have some good news hehe. I guess you could call it could in my situation.

I spoke to my boyfriend last night. He came over and we talked. He told me his parents ended up getting that computer (it was bound to happen right). Well my boyfriend confronted them about it when he discovered they got one, he ended up getting in a bit of an argument with his mom asking her how can she afford this and why did she get it and how come she just doesnt put it towards the large amount of debt she owes him. Her response...."I dont want to talk about this!" She never wants to talk about this stuff!!! :mad: blah!

I told my boyfriend that this is the first time that his mom has really blew my top and that I cannot handle coming over anymore. I told him 9 times out of 10 if I were to sleep over we would end up awake around dawn because she gets in a fight with one of them. I told him it stresses me out too much to come around and thats why I havent been going to his house lately. Like seriously I havent slept there in over 2 weeks nor have I gone there.

He said he's to the point where he just wants to dis-own his mom. I told him he probably shouldnt do that, but that he should work on getting out of the house. I told him if he were to do that I could see her taking it out on him by stopping payment on the credit cards. He swears up and down that he cant see her doing that to him, he said "I dont think she did it without the intentions of paying it back" I rolled my eyes :rolleyes: and told him "I dont know, Why did she wait until threatening letters came in the mail to tell you? she could have been paying all that time!! I also told him I have my doubts since she did it in the first place, and that she has other bills out there too that im sure she "intended" paying back! :dizzy:

He even told me he has stopped trying to figure out his mother. If only I could do it haha. After he said that I told him I wish I could do it because she's got my head spinnin all the time it seems!

I feel better about getting these things off my chest and my boyfriend didnt seem too upset about what I had to say, I told myself yesterday that I was just gonna say what i wanted without holding back...

Oh, and we are also going to look at more engagment rings tomorrow too :) Can still be engaged right!
Well I know it will be time before i get it, we are just looking today. I do hope that we continue to talk more about this.

I know he had a talk with her while I wasnt there the other day. It was about his younger brother moving to live with his dad and go to school in his state. Well his younger hasnt told his mother because they end up fighting alllll the time. She doesnt approve of this or that or this , I dont think she has any space to talk myself. But everytime they get into a fight lately she tells him he needs to find his own place to live and get the 'heck' out of her house. She also calls him some vulgar names which does hurt his feelings. So during they're last blow out he told her he's leaving early next month...she didnt speak much after that.

She confronted my boyfriend and asked him when he was going to tell her, and why is he moving so quickly? My boyfriend told her "i'd move too if you were always calling me names and telling me I had to find some place else to live!" He made an excellent point, but I guess it didnt catch in her head, they got into another fight last night and his brother ended up sleeping at his sisters...

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