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[QUOTE=confused788]well...alot has happened again.

i feel bad to write what happens, because i feel like i disappoint everyone... =\

but basically he wanted to come over to play with my nephew. so i said ok. so then later he said he couldn't, saying hes wiht someone. and i asked who.. and it was his sister (so i was like ok..). and then i called him a few times because i got scared about soemthing (its on the birth control message board). but when i called he said he wanted to go and he was sleepy. so i said ok...and then i said i didn't feel well. and he siad jsut go to sleep (and we fought for a few..). and then he said tomorrow his sisters birthday etc etc. and i said "fine ill let u go. i did want to talk to u today and i missed you" (please don't be sorry i just say it because iono..). and he siad "no u didn't u would of called me earlier. so u don't miss me." see =(

well im sick... =( sorry for letting everyone down. its hard..bye[/QUOTE]

Confused, please don't worry about letting down anyone here. We're rooting for you for your own sake, not ours. As sad as I am to have to say it, the only person you're letting down by staying with this guy is you.

The last word in your last full paragraph above is "see?" as in, see, I can't ever please him. Yes, we see, but it seems YOU DON'T see. No matter how many times you call him, no matter how early or how late, YOU WILL NEVER PLEASE HIM BECAUSE HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE PLEASED. I told you yesterday that he doesn't want to be happy with you. What makes him happy is torturing you and making you cry.

To tell you the truth, you sound a lot like me. I felt, in fact somewhat still feel, the same way about a person I used to date. He could be very sweet one minute, then nasty, rude, even abusive the next, and nothing I ever seemed to do pleased him. Everyone thinks he's a great guy, and by and large he is a really nice guy, to everyone but me. He has since married and kisses his wife's butt like she's the Queen of Sheba. Would you tell me that whatever happened between us was all my fault and I deserved to be hurt, lied to, and manipulated and then abandoned? I would hope not. No matter how bad one's behavior might be, it does take two to mess up a relationship. I take full responsibility for the mistakes I made, but I also realize that I did not deserve the treatment I received from him. And neither do you deserve the treatment you're experiencing from this guy in your life. I strongly urge you to talk to a counselor at school if you don't feel comfortable talking to your parents. Talk to a teacher you trust, ask the school nurse if she can refer you to someone, but you need help in building your sense of self worth. You cannot continue going through life thinking that people have the right to treat you like this. You will get eaten up alive until and unless you learn to take better care of yourself and love yourself more. Until you yourself believe you deserve better, it will be really hard for you to convince anyone else.

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