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Hello everyone,
I just needed some advice on something.
my boyfriend has alot of "chick" friends. most of them i have no problems with, half of them i've actually became good friends with.

lately there has been this one that doesn't like me at all. she just out of the clear blue started talking to him alot. they hadn't spoke in months and when i say months believe me... months. she was celebrating her 21 bday so he talked to her on the phone for most of the night. which i really didn't care about. i was even telling him to tell her i said happy bday and everything.

well... this girl just doesn't like me. AND her mother thinks that her and my boyfriend should be married. my boyfriend has told me that he really doesn't like this girl on that kindof level, yet he talks to her the same if not more than he does me. she will text message him on his cell phone atleast 5-10 times a day. (and i only know this because he hated text messaging and wouldn't accept any for the longest time... until she started texting. so i know everytime his phone goes off that it's her.) and he's talked to her before on the phone for a long time. which with any normal girl i wouldn't care. but this girl.... i dont' know why it bothers me so!
i've made comments to him before about her. out of all his friends i just get this really weird vibe from him on her.

he started doing things a little different and i really am conserned that he's either thought about it or is doing it... (cheating or thinking of cheating). he used to always leave his phone at home and let it charge then once she started messaging him. he takes his phone to work and leaves it in his vehicle. if she texts him, he will turn the other direction from me so i can't see his phone or go in the other room. and he's been doing other things differently that have me throwing out a yellow flag!!

well to cut to the chase and ask my question.

should i be concerned and worried about this woman? or should i just forget it and move on (somehow....) i just get this knot formed in my gut when i know he's talking to her. i'm so paranoid it's unreal!!

someone just help me out on this!
Yeah, I think you're right, Moo. Thinking back there were two situations in which I ended up leaving a serious boyfriend by getting involved with another guy before officially ending the relationship, and in each situation, we all of a sudden became VERY good friends to the point where I talked and hung out with the other guys more than I hung out with my supposed boyfriends at the time. I definitely think you need to talk to him about it and do what Mada suggested about not giving him a complete ultimatum, but asking if he would respect your feelings by cutting back on contact with her and not minding if you're around during their conversations/read their correspondence. I hope things work out okay, but if he is cheating, then you're much better off without him and getting the chance to move on before it goes on any longer...

I think by sitting him down at a time when you're both relaxed, in decent moods, and talking to him in a very honest but not at all attacking way. You shouldn't have much trouble gauging whether your suspicions are unfounded or not if you pay attention to his reaction and try to remain honest and objective with yourself...

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