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Let's see, I am 33 and I can tell you whats going on. This chick is trying to get YOUR man. She thinks by being mean to you that it won't hurt her conscience once she gets him because if she doesn't like you then she can't feel bad about it. LOTS of girls try and take boyfriends. I use to be one of them until I got a conscience. I wouldn't care about the girlfriend if I thought I had him. She's just making her move and don't be so sure he's not lying to her. Guys and girls CAN NOT be friends past a certain point. You already KNOW whats going on. Your looking like a fool and you rather have to cut him lose or give him an altamatum to cut it off with her or lose you. If he in fact LOVES you he will not have a problem with this and say "ok, your more important". Guys who are truely happy don't need "other" girls as their friends. Go buy that book "He's just not into you" and read it! Good luck.

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