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Re: Breaking up...
Aug 14, 2005
[QUOTE=jennamo]Hey, so I just broke up with my boyfriend of one and a half years a couple of days ago. We broke up because we have no physical relationship anymore, don't seem to have fun together anymore, and also I have a lot of things going on and just need some time to get things sorted out for myself....which I think is the root of our problems anyways. We are going to try being friends for now and maybe months from now try something again after I get everything back on track. We talked about it and decided we could still cuddle and everything when we hang out. Just no sleepovers or sex or anything. But now Im not sure if thats a good idea because I think it will make it harder to get over him for now....especially if it doesn't even end up working out...has anyone else been in a similar situation, or have any advice? We are hanging out in a couple days and Im soo unsure of what to do![/QUOTE]

I am sorry I have no advice because I feel as frustrated as you do. My mind goes back and forth with all the drama me and my bf have created. I have found the more I push the futher he distances himself to me.

I am still on fire for him when it comes to the physical part of out relationship and I hope he feels the same. We have always beeb very affectionate with one another even when times get tough. I don't feel we would be affectionate with each other if we were to break up for good.

I can identify with the necessity to reavaluate yourself and know there are things you do need to improve on to have a better relationship (in the future) if you too decide to get reunited.

I personally could not remain cuddly (as you put it) when not in a relationship with my boyfriend. I reserve those intimate moments for someone I love, which is the man I am with now. He knows no matter what I say or do that I will ALWAYS love him deep deep in my heart.

So do what feels right for both of you and remain open with thecommunication.

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