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well being in a realtionship ive been through..=\ maybe u should talk to her about her lying. ask ehr why does she do and talk to her about it. explain to her your feelings and maybe shell understand

me and my boyfriend had alot of trust issues. i leid to him about thigns because i was scared of the way he would react. and he lied to me to see if id get hurt or to piss me off (yes its sad how we not proud of any of it).

in my situatuon i was scared tot ell him teh truth because he was so insecure fromt eh beginning that if iw ere eto tell him anything like, oh i talked to my friend paul, hed go crazy and yell for hours...he still does things like that, and he never forgave me for anything...which i can understand...but i forgave him.

anyways...if you love her...then tak to her about. explaint o her your feelings and try to understand her reasoning. explaint o ehr it deons't matter to you if u barely broke up wiht the guy...exaplin that u just want her to be honest.

and ur118 and ur in love..then you know what maybe u are. who are we to say what love is? no one really knows the definition of love...and if u say ur in love, then your in love. my sister married her boyfriend who she loved and they were together when she was 16 and on. my brother is still with his girlfriend from when he was 17 too.

it doesn't matter how young you are. you can't really put an age limit on love.

just talk to your girlfriend...thats the advice i can give you. because i guess i can see her side and i see yours. the easiest thing is to talk things with her.

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