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[QUOTE=greeneyes100]Yes, last Saturday night, but I don't think he was very interested. He talked an awful lot about himself and his horse. It seemed almost as if he was having a love affair with his darn horse, as much as he talked about him/her! He was short, but pretty attractive, and very intelligent. He has a degree in physics. Maybe he thought he was too smart for me. That's what he acted like.[/QUOTE]

GE ~ Ha ha ha :D I couldn't help but laugh at this. Picturing a physics degreed man talking about his horse while with a wild "filly" like you!!! :jester: Come much intelligence does it take for a guy to realize that horse talk is just not first date material. ;) I don't know but Physics certainly was my worst subject and I don't think that I could even keep up with anything to do with that subject and so would have welcomed the horse convo. :jester: But I must agree with Heartland, that he may have been nervous and talked about something that interests you (I do believe you mentioned that you love horses too)

If it makes you feel any better, when Tom & I first were dating he came to pick me up in his pickup with his yellow lab in the front seat. The dog refused to get out of the front seat & into the back. The dog may have been his best friend but I certainly wasn't going to be in competition with a dog :eek: From that day forward I took the front seat. Since we married we've had 2 more Labs and the one we have now barks whenever we kiss and gets to snuggle in bed with Tom before I get in....but she knows that she goes on her own bed when I get in. ;) I would hate to see you having to fight a horse for your man's affection :D

Thanks for the laugh. I think that you should give the guy another chance....I have a feeling that on a second date he will increase in confidence and feel like he doesn't have to sell himself as much just knowing that you are giving him another chance. ~ Goody

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