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In your more recent post, you said the distance/driving never bothered you. Go re-read your original thread. You said it costs you half a tank of gas each time. It sounds like it [I]does[/I] bother you.

I agree with the last poster. This girl sounds like Trouble with a capital T. If you guys were only "fooling around" and there was no penetration, she could not be pregnant by you. Sperm dies after it hits the air. If she IS pregnant, I would DEMAND a paternity test! Do not let her rush you into marriage just because she claims she's pregnant. I'm betting she'd love nothing more than another excuse not to get her degree and not have to work. She probably thinks hmmm, here's a young guy, he's working, he'll believe he got me other words, to her you've got Sucker written across your forehead!


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