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I need some advice. I put BPD literature in the bathroom and he came across it, of course he doesn't see himself in any of the symptoms. I then tried making him feel good by saying "I wouldn't think less of you if you do have this", but he then turns it around and says that maybe i'm the one that has a mood disorder, because I'm always bitchy & moody huh?!!. Then he said how can I diagnose him with this when I'm not a doctor?

How CAN he get diagonosed with this, as I said before he's seen therapists in the past, but they were'nt specialized in a particular disroder

PLEASE HELP AS NOW WE GET INTO SO MANY ARGUMENTS ABOUT THIS - he even told a male freind (who's girlfriend is getting her Master's in psycholog) of what I'm accusing him of being and that friend told my boyfriend that his girl said there's no way he has it - HELLO she's only met him 3 times.

So now my bf is like see a master's student doesn't think I have it.

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