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My bf alredy acknowledges he has mild OCD and he's on Paxil for anxiety/mild depression. Yesterday I encountered a BPD website and most of the symptoms my bf has: tumultuous/dependant relationships with people close to him, being able to switch on/off feelings of anger, always feeling abondoned and nobody loving him, and the slightest things truly hurt him to the point where his face will get sad like a child.

Before I knew anything about this disorder I would always tell him he's too sensitive and he needs to toughen up. He would get defensive about everything, especially when I would ask questions about his childhood. Now looking back (anytime we argued) I would say to him "the way you argue makes me feel like you're a child, where that matureness or grasping issues are missing" - after reading up on BPD it said this is a sympton.

My ? is how do I bring this up to him.

Originally he admitted to having OCD and I even bought him a book that was recommended on here & he tries the exercises. But when I tell him something seems "off" about him sometimes he gets offended & angry, but other times he'll laugh it off. But for some reason when he hears me say "borderline" he's going to assume I'm calling him crazy - HOW can I do this the right way. I printed out some stuff from the net & was going to just put in the magazine rack in the bathroom w/o saying anything.

I'd appreciate your thoughts - i just feel like I'm dealing with so much with him & I would like him to get help. He used to see a therapist, but he said it's pointless since he was doing all the talking about his past & she was just listening.

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