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Hi Nakita,

Thanks for responding. I have not gone to the trailer and cannot reach him by phone/email since he has no phone line that I know of as of yet. I cannot help the anger and heartache I feel. Just the weekend before, we were cuddling in bed watching tv together. Just prior to that, I accompanied him to a court hearing (he's got a lawsuit pending against a former client - he's self-employed). I'd actually gone into work an hour early, left to go to court with him, back to work again and out to the hotel after work. The next day I picked up carry-out since he was low on money. When I met him in front of the courthouse, his eyes lit up and he seemed so happy to see me there. He was affectionate and kissed me. I'd bought him a new pair of jeans to wear since all of his other jeans had seen better days and I know he's self-conscious of his appearance, especially in that type of environment. So I guess what I don't understand is the possible sudden 'breaking away'...why? We had not argued or even remotely disagreed about anything.

That same week, he'd called me from work asking me to do some favors for him, which I did. Yesterday I had a call from the woman at the trailer park office looking for him about some paperwork he needs to turn in. She mentioned that he'd listed the number she called as 'his' phone number. Well, it was my cell phone number she'd called. I get so many mixed messages that I never know where I stand with my husband. And, no matter how hard I try to assure him of my love, support and caring for him, this happens frequently. The last time was in January when he was kicked out of his pain management program for abusing oxycontin. I'm wondering now if, since it seems like his father's trying to 'nudge' him and monitor his paychecks, maybe he's finding it more difficult to buy any drugs he may be abusing. I just have no idea anymore. He began this job as a subcontractor in late March and within 2 months had 3 or 4 major conflicts (1 of them a fist fight).

I had thought about sending him a letter to his parents' address (since I don't know the actual address of the trailer), but now you have me second-guessing that when you said not to contact him. So I'll put that on hold unless I hear otherwise from you.

Thank you for your help. It means a lot to me. I feel so defeated in all this. My friends think it is more likely a drug problem at the present time.

Scared Wife

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