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thank you all for the wonderful and much needed advice. Sorry I havent posted I havent been around lately.

Goody to answer your questions first, yes there is now a ring on that little finger of mine! The night I wrote that I had also had a few glasses of champagne, i know that's no excuse but it did add to my feeling of "dilema" haha.

I do love him enough to get past this I think. Things are moving forward with the two credit card issues, he received a notice in the mail for one of them just the other day that it is no longer in 'past due' status, but it is still a debt of quite a bit of money!

Realguy is right I probably shouldnt even be thinking of my ex during this moment of happiness. I could never go back to my ex though knowing the type of guy he actually is when he's with other women. I know he's a cheater and doesnt treat women with too much respect, he thinks and cares for himself only it seems. The man I am with now is a real gem. He's everything most women would want. Compliments, flowers on a monthly basis, always aiming to please, never forgets an important date.

I know these things may/can fade away over time but they havent really. Im a princess to him. He treats me like one and tells me all the time how much he loves me and cant wait to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me. I know children isnt something that HAS to be. We have discussed and I do want kids....someday not anytime soon. I am 22, he is 23. I am in school and he is going to work until I finish, we will move and he will join the police acadamy.

I dont want kids until I have a career started for myself. His mother is already on me about kids. My guys sister just had one and now she's saying to me she'd like to see me have one within two years. I keep telling her, no way no how.

My boyfriend and I do not plan on staying around his parents. He told me they got into a fight on the way to my house the night he asked me to marry him. She told him that she feels LEFTOUT!! I have asked her to help with a guestlist before the night was over I went up to her and asked her about the list a few other things, he response was she couldnt do the guest list that my boyfriend would have to do it because she doesnt have a phone to contact her mother for addresses!!!!

I told my boyfriend that i tried since he said I should talk to her, he said he wanted me to discuss other things about weddings...I told him I have nothing else...I dont need help with anything else right now. She also told him that she feels I dont like her. My only response to him was "well she hasnt given me a reason to really think highly of her lately" and he knows what im refering too...

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