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[QUOTE=SophiaM]You're too funny, Hoop! :D How come you never start any threads? Don't you ever have any girlfriend problems? ;)[/QUOTE]

Yes, thatís why Iím still single myself. [I] a smiley should go here, but I donít know really [/I] so :confused:
I donít want to steal Ninjaís thread, so Iíll try to be brief.

I donít start my on thread becauseÖÖthe last thread I started was the "Slap Me Hoop Kiosk" and it got deleted . hehhe...

Seriously though, I have always been the type who gets over adversity very quickly. That is, after I overcome it. I am a produced of my environment growing up in some rough neighborhood streets. I suppose I have carried that trait into my adulthood and I treat my problems the same still. I deal with my problems, get over them very quickly and move on. Iíve learned to accept the fact that life is not fair and it is not perfect. If I donít pick myself up after licking my wounds, no one is going to do it for me.

I have reached a state of peace and tranquility in life and I donít really suffer from the usual up and downs that most people go through. It could be my own defense mechanism, but it works for me. I am content and accept life as it comes along, both the good and the bad. My last serious relationship was over two years ago or around the time when I first signed onto this board. I just donít dwell on it. Itís in the past. I havenít been interested in another serious relationship yet. So, I donít have much to say about my own relationships, even though female companionship is just a phone call away and Iím not talking about phone sex. :) Iím having too much fun. I just donít want that to come across the wrong way because I treat all women with a lot of respect.

I just learned to be independent very early in life. I canít remember asking my parents for anything after I was 12 years old. I did odd jobs cutting grass and such, had summer jobs, I was the neighborhood meat market butcher, and later a cereal killer as you well know. Here again, a product of my environment. HA! I worked as an auto mechanic in my high school years. I was the first to move out of my neighborhood, the first to go to college in my family and pay my own way, the first to move out of state for a job, and I like to thinkÖ the first to be potty trained! :) ([I] twitching my eyebrows rapidly, Groucho Marx style. [/I]) Heh! Heh! Heh!

HOOP! ( I just want to remind all you girlsÖ. Iím still not a nice guy!) grrrr ::D

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