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I seem to have "lost" it when we moved in together a little more than two years ago. At that time i was going through a very bad bout of anxiety and also nervous about buying a house, having a new job, etc, so i just attributed it to that stress, but it never came back. After a while I thought it was because the "sneakiness" of sex was gone (we both lived with our parents before moving in together), but that doesn't make sense to still be going on more than two years later.

Geek kittie, you are right, I have been under a lot of stress for quite a while, simply because I do not handle normal events the way most people do - one of the joys of having panic and anxiety problems. This contributes to me not feeling well a lot and feeling tired quite often, so I'm sure that is a major factor. But I wonder if I might have a hormone imbalance or something. I have a dr. appt next month and I intend to ask her about it then. Seems like this is normal for women in their 40's or women with young children, but not for a newlywed in her 20s with no kids.

Greeneyes, the original issue was that I thought part of my sex drive problem was my husband not taking good care of himself and putting on a lot of extra weight. While I do believe the anxiety has a lot to do with it, I think the weight plays a big role too, as shallow as it sounds.

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