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Aug 19, 2005
Need advice..
My boyfriend and I have been together since April 2004, we met on an online game, and began chatting daily, then phone calls. During this time we played online games with each other, pretty much daily. It was our thing that we did together. In about June-July 2004 I learned that he had gotten involved with another woman, who is married. This involved cybering/phone sex.. Etc.. He did tell me about her, but he told me they were involved before He and I got together; however when I came to visit him in Nov 2004 ( He came first to meet me in Sept 2004) I found chat logs and discovered that he lied about the date. I never confronted him about this, and to this day he doesn't know I know he lied. Now it is August 2005, I've since moved to live with him 2000+miles from my home. Our relationship has been mostly good, we fight rarely, and when we do it's over little things. The biggest thing is getting him off the computer, and out of the house.. Now we still play online games, him more than me, and we meet a lot of people. Recently about a month ago we began spending time with one girl, and I sort of supsected something was going on between them. (I work all day, and I go to bed fairly early, he stays up until 5,6 or 7 am on the computer) Now after a while we stopped hanging around with her, and he did also. I eventually confronted him about her and asked if anything happened. He said nothing happened, however two days ago I found pictures of her on his computer of her in little outfits, (nurse, goth, and one of her just in a sheet around her waste with her back to the camara. My problem is how to confront him about this, and whether or not he is worth the time and effort I put into this relationship. Part of me just wants to forget about them and continue, but it seems to be a pattern with him.
Sorry this is so long, and if anymore information is needed please ask, or something needs to be cleared up. I've been reading on these boards for a very long time, and everyone is always so helpful.

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