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Hello everyone. :) Ok heres the story. I'm 22 and this other guy is 22. Last week I met this guy out with my girlfriend, my girlfriend has know him forever and I finally went out with them to have a drink. So that Saturday he wanted to do something so my girlfriend and I and him all went out again. We just hung out at his place and then played cards and went to the bar. Nothing exciting. Well my grirlfriend has told me all this previous week that that he keeps asking about me to her and just asking what I've been doing. He like wants to know if I like him or you know what I think of him. Well he asked if we wanted to go to the lake with him on friday. He didnt ask me, he asked my girlfriend. She said we couldnt. Then my girlfriend told him to hang out with us at a friends house on saturday (yesterday) he said he wuold. Well then he changed his plans at the last minute and was playing cards with some ppl. I finally called him and was like are you gonna come and he said he was playing cards and then had to get up early to golf in the AM. I was alight I'll talk to you later.
I'm just confsued why is he asking abuot me to my girlfriend and hes like does she like me or this and that. To show him that I do like him a little and I wouldnt mind going out with him or something I call him to ask him if hes coming over and he cancels and just acts weird. I kinda get the feeling hes kinda shy or I dont know I'm just confused. I just dont't want to liike keep calling him or acting desperate. But I do kinda like him and would like to go out with him. I just wonder why he asks to do stuff with me like wanted me to go to the lake and then he cancelled on me. I dont know I'm just confused and would like someone elses opinion. Thanks

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