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I think it's a combination of things, which it often is. Maybe some of it's me and some him. If he had been in more romantic relationships with other women, this friendship might not seem so weird to me.The way she reacted when he started dating me is what set it off. I felt like SHE was trying to control him by taking verbal shots at him, that he was unavailable and not around anymore even though he visits them every week.

I had dinner with her and her husband because SHE wanted to meet me and she basically drank too much didn't talk to me the whole night and talked about friends of theirs. I also when to a party at their house and I was called the "other women" by a friend as a joke and everybody laughed. I was "the other women" to the daughter who as also upset that he hasn't been around as much.

He still visited them every week and it all came to a head when he went to the beach with them. Before that I wasn't bothered by it. What can you expect when she's had him to herself for 20 years. Then their relationship began to seem weird to me. He thinks it's just because of how she's been acting and it most likely is.

Then I start to wonder about him again and why he hasn't dated much in the past. I am against pot because I think the people who smoke it often have bad social skills and it makes them apathetic. (which will start another discussion I'm sure) I used to think that's why he stayed at home and caused him to not to what to grow and change like others.

He has remained independent however, and not like other guys you would think of who stayed at home. Every now and then I have my doubts. I think that because I haven't been married or raised a family myself it has gotten very difficult to connect with divorced people. We have both been very busy and single for 30 years which means you've been living a very different kind of life than those who have been married. So in that respect I feel like I have few choices out there.

He does have many good qualities but after not being involved myself for such a long time, it gets very difficult. I often can't figure out if he's not right for me or if just hard for ME to commit to a relationship.

I hope this isn't too iky for you all, though I know what your talking about with men who stay home. He isn't like the ones your thinking about I don't believe.

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