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This one is really interesting! I've lived with a couple of boyfriends in the past and never gave it very much thought. In both cases, we both just split all expenses. The one exception I've always had in splitting costs with a boyfriend, whether it's living together or going out or going on vacation, is that if the person who makes more money wants to do something that's extra, like go someplace expensive or go on vacation more often, he or she should be prepared to cover a bit more of the bill. I've been on both sides of that equation and it's worked out fine.

Since I live in an extremely expensive city the issue of moving in with someone who owns their own place hasn't come up. I probably wouldn't do that unless we were getting married. Something about paying into a person's mortgage with the possibility that I won't have any rights to the shared investment later doesn't sit well with me. Of course at this point in my life I don't think I'd move in with someone unless I had some kind of real commitment to get married. I'm not against the idea of living together, but I really like my apartment and don't want to give anything up unless I know I'm moving on to live with someone I can plan years ahead with.

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