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you are right gun, money shouldnt be a primary issue here. But let me tell you something. I am about the age of your g/f. My boyfriend is 23 me 22. We are engaged and now attempting to plan a wedding.

We both work fulltime jobs, him making a bit more then myself. And we still splurge on each other for birthdays or christmas. Like my last post said we take turns buying lunch/dinner whatever without expecting the other to pay back. We know we take care of each other and dont need to be finiky over money.

So far we have both been contributing to our wedding. Putting deposits on things ect and guess what, it's not just me paying and not just him paying, it's both of us sharing the cost. Granted I will buy his ring and visa versa. But this will mostly come from our pockets.

We are planning on buying a house in a month or so here and we have already discussed money and bills and how we want things to be handled.

I guess there is nothing wrong with getting her a ring, my boyfriend got me my first ring for christmas only a few months after we started dating. I thought it was too soon but that is what HE wanted to do I had no say. Every holiday I tell him not to spend much on me, but he still does what he wants which is okay.

I just cant stress enough that this doesnt seem like a major crisis or issue. Just have a seat and let her know how you felt about everything...its the best you can do to clear this up!

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