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Hi there guys, I would like people's views and opinions on a small dilemma I'm having (apologies if this is long!)
I split up with my boyfriend of 7 years at the beginning of this year, I am 23 and had been with him since we were 15, he was obviously my first and only boyfriend. I have now been seeing a guy for about 3 months and we are getting on very well and I love spending time with him. However, I have been chatting to a friend of mine (she knows him very well and actually introduced us) and we were talking about who pays for what etc, I said I thought it was fair to pay for half for everything, or at least he shouldn't pay for everything, we are going away for the bank holiday and I said I was paying for half the hotel and we'd take it in turns to buy food and drink etc but she thought this was wrong! we earn roughly the same amount of money, me maybe a little more so why should he have to pay for everything?
I did this in my last relationship and never had any problems, would you consider this normal in this day and age.
Another small issue I have is that he's never had a girlfriend before, he's always been more interested in going out with his mates drinking etc, whereas now we both go out with his mates, he doesn't have a problem with me being there (and being the only female) and neither do I but I think he drinks a lot (at weekends at least) this doesn't bother me either, but I'm worried it might in the future.
Does anyone think this maybe because he's not sure how to act in a relationship like my friend thinks and should I give him a bit more time to find out what being in a relationship is like?
Apologies for the length of the post - would really appreciate people's views - Cheers!

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