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Here are the highlights leading up to my Happy Story beginning at age 19:
1) Lived with a guy for 3 yrs. - alcoholic, passive-aggressive, and yes - I loved him. Left after I realized that love didn't mean being abused.
2) Met and fell madly in love with a guy that I dated (or was engaged to) off and on for almost 11 yrs. It just never seemed to get anywhere.
In between:
3) Met a guy who chose a girl of his own religious denomination and broke up with me.
4) Met a guy at work who was a great guy & friend but wasn't interested in a relationship with me.
5) Was engaged to a guy who dumped me for the girl who had dumped him before we met.

Well, you get the picture - these are just the highlights of my 24 yrs of being single (19 - 35) and never - I mean NEVER - having something work out.
All my friends get married, have babies, I look in the Sunday paper at all the engagements and I'm STILL not there....
The phrase "What's wrong with me" was a familiar one.

Well, 6 months after I was dumped by guy #5 and 5 YEARS after I met guy #4 above, guy #4 picks me up for dinner and brings one of his friends.
Mr. Ruth!!

Everything changed. Not that bad things don't happen - we've had 2 real fights in 16 yrs, my Dad died, I've had some health issues and took time off from working for 2 yrs, Mr. Ruth bought into a business and is gone - alot - now.

But all that drama when I was dating all the guys who weren't right for me?
And trying to MAKE them right for me - to make it work?
That's all gone.
It's honestly like finally finding that Calm Harbor after 24 yrs in raging seas.

To be honest, if I could do it all over again I would have rather done without all the other relationships and waiting for this one....
Where I sat across the table from someone and felt so absolutely in the right place, at the right time, with the right person.

Of course then I'd have NO knowledge of relationships and wouldn't be here so much!
(Good relationships aren't generally the type that get discussed here and I really thank you for giving some of us here the chance!)

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