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i think you should try online dating. see online dating thread on this page. everyone seems to be happy with the many options they seem to have.

well, i think you have been lucky to have girls approach you. in my life, i've never ever had a girl come up and talk to me (unless she wanted to copy my homework or something.. :rolleyes: lol!!). so consider yourself lucky. as to approaching girls, i think its a lot of fun. you have nothing at all to lose since they were'nt your gf to being with. worst case scenario, you will have some interesting stories to tell your guy friends.

also be aware that approaching random girls is a numbers game. its not just "one and done" and you get the phone number. the simple truth is that most girls that you might approach will already have bf, or just not emotionally available or in some cases, they might be blown away that you did it, they react the wrong way and send you the wrong signal then the moment becomes uncomfortable. its a low percentage method but its doesn't have a zero chance of success and since your healthboards handle isn't degen95 it might just work so i'd go for it. in the end, i rank networking as the best way to meet girls, online dating, a close second, class/sporting/activity clubs as third and random approaches as the last.

as far as bars/clubs go, i'm wary of the environment myself. in every dance club in my area there is at least 10 guys to one girl (i've done the statistics before). i'm a pretty good dancer and i've danced with thousands of girls. none of them are interested in getting to know anybody.

girls that go to clubs just want to tease, or "hook up" with the right (i.e. hot) guy. you might get a number but they'll flake out on you. another thing that hurts is that all girls also automatically assume that the guys that go there want sex only and never consider that you might just want to get to know them, so, i'd forget about bars/clubs unless you're like me and are a good dancer and just wants to go to have fun and NOTHING MORE.

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