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Re: Bf issues
Aug 25, 2005
[QUOTE=damselindistres]I am pretty sure he is not ashamed of me, whenever we meet someone new he annouces v. loudly that I am his girlfriend and tells people how clever I am etc. He also says that he thinks he is better around peeps than me socially (I personally do not agree I try to be myself while he copys what people do to make a connection with them). This means I do not think that he feels he should avoid interaction.

I have suggested going for a walk and he says he will do this sometime so I suppose this is something.

He will moan about going out even though he has only spent money on me occasionally (there have been a couple of times were he brought me dinner). He ask me to come to his place quite alot he does not seem to like going out to the cinema and resturants as much as most bf. It sometimes just seems like he only wants me for one thing maybe I am being paranoid but he tells me how much he thinks about it and also expects us to sleep together and gets annoyed if nothing happens. Iam I being paranoid? If so is there anyway to make him understand I do not feel appreciated , what do people think?[/QUOTE]

It doesn't sound like you are that happy in this relationship and to be honest, it doesn't sound like he is that into you. He sounds happy to have you around when you do all the work and come to him and it's easy for him to get laid, but otherwise, he doesn't want to put much effort or energy into the relationship. From what you wrote, it struck me that he was probably mainly involved with you for one thing, and if you are also getting that impression from him, then I'd bet you are quite right. If he doesn't like to take you out, doesn't like the way you act socially, doesn't like to buy you presents or spend any money on you instead of CDs, and wants you to be the one to come over when you get together, it seems pretty clear that he's just not that into the relationship. One thing I have learned from years of dating is that people very rarely ever change, and that if they do, it is because they want to and not because someone convinces them to change. So...if you aren't happy with the way things are, you will only be disappointed if you expect them to improve with time. Either you are content with the relationship as it is and want things to continue that way, or you need to leave him and move on. You sound pretty young and there are tons of guys out there who would like to take you out on dates, spoil you with gifts, socialize together, etc. So if you're not satisfied with the guy you are with, why not find someone else? There's no point in staying in a relationship that doesn't make you happy when life is so short and there are so many other great guys out there. Don't settle!!

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