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Hey guys, im only 15, and im not sure of what to do, but maybe you guys can elighten me with info..

So me and my girlfriend, both 15ATM, are having problems.. First, i was talking to her on the phone, and she was text messaging another guy on the phone while i was on the line, waiting. She told me what she did, and i got angry, and told her id call her the next day. So i did that, and she told me after our fight the night before, she talked to that guy she was texting for 3 hours. I got Pissed.. So she told me after she was tierd and she wanted to sleep, so i let her.

I called her the next morning, and she told me that after she told me she wanted to sleep, she talked to the guy for an hour before her phone batteries died.

So i called her that night, explaining to her how i felt about this. But now im afraid that she may be cheating on me. Should i be afraid, or should i trust her? We have talked it over, and everything seems to be ok, but im just wondering..

by the way, i told her that i respected her for telling me all this, and i asked if she liked the guy, and she replied, "I dont know.. were just friends.. i talk to him because i need someone to talk to.." And the other point is that the guy that shes talking to is a year older than me, and even though he knows whats going on between me and my girlfriend, he still calls her, so im thinkin that hes tryin to pick her up or trying to piss me off.

Any ideas are welcomed. Thanks!

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